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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

 Axial Cartoon Contest / Hungary 27 August 2012

Dear Collegue,
I am sending to you the new competition.
Title is: AXIÁL Cartoon Contest.
You can send cartoons by email also.
The more details you can find on the website:
Please populize this competition if you have possebility on other website.
I am waiting your works.
Istvan Kelemen

Theme: Machines in agriculture, construction and warehousing  tarım makineleri, inşaat ve depolama
The Baja based AXIÁL Ltd. – a retailer for agricultural, construction and warehousing machines – calls for an International
Cartoon Contest.
The brands marketed in Hungary by the company: Agrifac, Annaburger, Budissa Bag, Framest, Berthoud,
Gregoire Besson, Horsch, Hyundai, Gehl, Supertino, Sulky, CLAAS, Tume, Monosem, Oehler, Romill, Fendt, Manitou, Landini,
OMG, CLM, Arcusin, Supertino, Hidromek and RMH.
All entries must feature a machine marketed by AXIÁL Ltd. (see above). You can choose whichever you want: a tractor, an
earth mover, a fork lift or other.
These machines can be viewed at
Apart from the one condition above, you can unleash your imagination! The world of work in agriculture, the construction
industry or warehouses must give you plenty of ideas!
1. The contest is open to all –amateur or professional - participants above the age of 18. Participants can enter
maximum three works in A4 and/or A3 size. There are no technical constraints regarding the technique.
2. Entries can be sent via post or e-mail to the organiser of the contest.posta veya e-posta yoluyla gönderilebilir
3. ( jpg; A/4; 300DPI; good or excellent quality)(Jpg, A / 4; 300DPI cozunurlukte, iyi veya mükemmel kalitede)
postal address: Kelemen István, HUNGARY 6500 Baja, Bajza J. u. 19.
e-mail address: 
4. Deadline for receiving entries: 27th, August, 2012.
5. The jury will decide on 31st August, 2012. The jury’s decision is not negotiable!
6. A catalogue will be compiled from the selected cartoons, which will be sent to the participants concerned
by 31st, November, 2012.
I. net HUF 150,000
II. net HUF 100,000
III. net HUF 75,000
+ Five diplomas
The original works of the winners will be retained!
7. Entries will be viewable at
8. AXIÁL Ltd. wishes to use the entries in communication materials (in-house and other) for free of charge.
These materials (e.g.: adverts, company publications, calendars, T-shirt prints, exhibition stalls, company
events) will indicate the name of the cartoonist.
9. Entries received by post will not be returned.
10. By entering the contest the participant accepts the terms of the contest.
11. For information or enquiries about the contest contact:
phone: +36 20 426 58 82

Good luck to all participants!

Monday, June 18, 2012 10:06 PM / istvánkelemen

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