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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

The VI “Molla Nasreddin-Azerbaijan” International Cartoon Contes 15 September 2013  15 Eylül 2013

Dear Friends and Colleagues!
Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union declares The VI “Molla Nasreddin-Azerbaijan” International Cartoon Contest. The Contest is held by the support ofthe Ministry of Culture and Tourismof Azerbaijan Republic, Azerbaijan Artists’ Union and Federation of Cartoonists’ Organizations. The topic of the Contest is devoted to global problems under the topics “Separatism”,“No Wars”, ” No Occupation of Lands”.
Dear friends, I invite each of you to take active part in this Contest. Waiting for your works. Wishing each of you victory and good luck.
Sincerely, Bayram Hajizadeh
The Chief of Azerbaijan Cartoonists’ Union,Head of “Molla Nasreddin – Azerbaijan” International Cartoonists’ Contest

The International Cartoon Contest.“Molla Nasreddin” – Azerbaijan”-2013
The Terms of the Contest:
1. Deadline of the acceptance of works :-15 September 2013
2. The topic of the Contest:“The Occupation of Lands”, “Aggression”, “No to War”, “Separatism”.
3. The Contest is held via internet.
4. Each cartoonist can send 2-5 works.
5. The size of cartoon works must be in A4 Send them to this email: 
6. Cartoon works will be appreciated by the International Jury.
7. A book consisting of the best cartoons of the Contest will be published.
- I Place –gold medal and diploma
- II Place- silver medal and diploma
- III Place- bronze medal and diploma
- Special Award by Jury.
- Special Award by Azerbaijan Artists’ Union

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