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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

3rd Cartoonale ‘De Geus’ 2011 / Belgium 1 September 2011

Culturele Vereniging‘De Geus’ 3rd Cartoonale ‘De Geus’ Rules 2011
1. Organiser:The cultural association ‘De Geus’, Belgium organises every two year a cartoon contest.
2. Participation:Every person older than 16 years may participate in this contest.
3. Sendings in:The cartoons sent in should be original and not published before. All graphic technics are allowed. Text is not allowed.
The themes treated are free.
The cartoons should be drawed on solid paper of 21 cm x 29,7 cm (Din A4).
Each participant can sent at most 5 works.
On the backside of each cartoon the name of the cartoonist must be mentioned with his address.
4. Deadline: The cartoons (without passe-partout) must be solidly packed and at latest the 1st of September 2011 sent to the following address together with the entry form:
Cartoonale ‘De Geus’ 2011, Clement Vlassenroot, Duivenkeetstraat 16, B-9280 Lebbeke BELGIUM
5. Right of publication
Participating in the contest the cartoondrawer agrees that the cartoons sent in will be used for an exposition as mentioned in the rules. The awarded cartoons remain property of the organisers.
6. Jury:The jury acts autonomously on awarding prizes.
There is no correspondence allowed with the jury about his decisions.
7. Prizes:By the jury four prizes are adjudged:
1st prize: 700 Euro, 2nd prize: 350 Euro, 3th prize: 200 Euro, 4th prize: 150 Euro, Best Belgian cartoon: 150 Euro
8. Expozition and Distribution of Prizes:The results of the contest will be announced on Friday the 14th of October at 19.30 h in gallery ‘De Fontein’.
A selection of the cartoons will be exposed in art–gallery ‘De Fontein’ in Lebbeke on the 15th, 16th, 22th and 23th of October.
9. Sending Back:The entries will be sent back by the organizers on receiving a written request of the sender.
The organisator is not responsible neither for lost nor for damaged cartoons during the sending in and sending back.
10. By his or her participation the artist agrees with these rules.
Rules & Entry-form:
Info: Belgium (tel. 052/41.13.18) E-mail:
(I could upload the image, edit and publish this post a day after the blockage of "google blogspot & picasa" sites in Turkey was released on March 23, 2011.)


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