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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

 The international forum of visual humor "Fun in Vasylivka Style" / 15 August  Ukraine

The Conditions of the Contest
Announce that the International forum of visual humor "Fun in Vasylivka Style". The forum is held for development and support comic visual arts, strengthening of creative and professional international contacts, promotion of local Vasilyvsky and other brands and themes.
*The main theme: "The Castle"
- ancient, old, new, the ultra-modern castles and all that is connected with them
1 prize: gold medal and diploma
2 prize: silver medal and diploma
3 prize: bronze medal and diploma
5 encouraging prizes and diplomas
*Additional theme: free
1 prize: gold medal and diploma
2 prize: silver medal and diploma
3 prize: bronze medal and diploma
*Nomination: Caricature
The terms of work of the contest: the last day of receipt of works August 15, 2011
Work of the jury:August 25, 2011
*Only the jury and organizers of the contest have the right to select prize winning works on the basis of regulations of the competition.
*Opening of the exhibition and awarding Ceremony of the winners is from September till October 2011.
*The jury, consisting of 5 people, comprises artists-cartoonists and representatives of the topic.
*The conditions and procedure for participation
1. The competition is open and the professional artists as well as the amateurs may participate in it.
2. Only authors original works and printing of the exellent quality with with the "wet" signature are accepted for the contest.
3. The works sent by e-mail are under consideration.Format .jpg, 300 dpi.
The organizers of the Forum are not responsible for any damage during sending.
*The works sent to the Forum remain in the collection of the organization committee of the contest.
*The questionnaire of the participant should be filled in block letters in Ukrainian, English or Russian.
Work without questionnaires are not accepted.
*On the backside of the work should be written the Theme ( general or special ), author`s name, surname, address, telephone number, fax, e-mail of the author, the material and technique.
*The works sent for the contest can be exposed at the exhibition hall of the Vasilivka museum, of local lore, in other museums, galleries and exhibitions at the discretion of the organizers. The works also can be placed on the website of the museum.
*Drawings, previously awarded at other contests are allowed but with the obligatory indication of where and when they were awarded. The fact of the participation in the 
Forum means that the participants accept all the Conditions of the contest.
*Special conditions
1. All interested persons can come at the opening of the exhibition and the Ceremony ofrewarding the winners, having informed the organizers of the Forum beforehand. Travel expenses and accommodation are paid by the participants.
2. On the results of the competition "Fun in Vasylivka Style" the catalogue will be published. 
All the authors whose works will be included in the catalogue on the decision of the jury will receive free copy of the publication by mail.
3. The organizers and sponsors of the Forum can establish a few special prizes after all the works for contest are received .
International contest of Visual Art "Fun in Vasylivka Style"
1 Chekistov St.
Zaporozhye region
Ukraine 71600

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