Results of 14th Interntional Cartoon Contest "Independence" Ukraine - Sonuçlar

Exhibition opening: December 10, in Kiev.
Thanks to the participants of the contest!
Konstantin Kazanchev / 3 Aralık 2014 18:42

Session XIV International Contest Jury cartoons «Independence» (Theme: «New World Order») was held on November 20, 2014 in Kiev. Jury: Oksana Golovko (international columnist «Uriadovy Courier»), Danilov Andrey (independent political scientist), Miselyuk Andrey (independent political scientist), Andrei Sayenko (chief artist of the magazine «Crocodile plus»), Tovmach Eugene (administrative and marketing director TRK «Bolshevik»), Leonid Shvets (independent journalist), Kosobukina Tatiana, Kosobukin Maxim.
133 cartoonists from 34 countries submitted 423 works. 100 selected works presented in this catalog.

1st prize: Jiri Sliva (Czech Republic)
2nd prize: Lukyanchenko Igor (Ukraine)
3rd prize: Valery Momot (Ukraine)


Laureate: Zhao Yun Shine (China)
Laureate:Holub Vik tor (Ukraine)
Laureate: Stankulov Anatoliy (Bulgaria)
Laureate: Antoniadis Jannis (Greece)
Laureate: Pavel Constantin (Romania)
Laureate: Maruschak Philipp (Ukraine)
Laureate: Kustovskiy Alexey (Ukraine)
Laureate: Dergachov Oleg (Canada)
Dubovsky Alexander (Ukraine) Diploma of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Haino Anatoliy (Ukraine)Diploma of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine
Dubovsky Alexander (Ukraine)Diploma Yuri Kosobukin
Mayorenko George (Ukraine)Special Award
MSemendyaev Sergey (Ukraine)Diploma magazine «Crocodile plus»
Istvan Kelemen (Hungary)Diploma of the Association of Cartoonists
Frank Hoffman (Germany) Diploma of the Association of Cartoonists
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