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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

 V.International Exhibition of Graphic Humor Lima / Peru 16 July 2012

Dear colleagues and artists: 
For the fifth consecutive year, Peru will become a real party mood with the completion of V International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2012 and bringing together, as every year, teachers of drawing humorous world. 
The theme this year is pollution, which is one of the most critical problems in the world, because not only pollution, but the hearing and to the visual. 
As you increase the power of man over nature and new needs appear as a result of living in society, the environment surrounding it deteriorates more and more. 


*1 - Environmental pollution, hearing and vision has become a real problem for the planet and it is urgent to raise awareness about this serious problem.
*2 - You can submit two works from his personal archives or have been published or rewarded. They can be prepared using any technique and should only be sent email in no case shall the original.
*3 - The work must have a resolution of 300 dpi or more and a minimum size of A-4 (30 x 21 cm.)
*4 - Besides the works must send their personal data (name, address, telephone number)a short biographical sketch, photograph or caricature and mailing address.
*5 - The works will be sent to E-mail: 
*6 - The work should be submitted until July 16, 2012.
*7 - The reception of the works will be undertaken by the organizers of the V International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2012
*8 - The selected works will form the exhibition which opens on September 6, 2012.
9 - Selected artists will receive a copy of the book luxury publish the papers sent to the Hall.
10 - The artists authorize us your drawings can be used on posters, shirts, press releases and printed material to promote the event.
11 - The artists accept all conditions set in the base call for the V International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2012 

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