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46th International Graphic Humour Exhibition "Umoristi a Marostica" / Italy 21 february 2013 

International Graphic Humour Exhibition UMORISTI A MAROSTICA 
(1968-2014) :: 46th edition
Prizes: International Grand Prix Scacchiera

Dear Artist,
the Gruppo Grafico Marosticense invites you to participate in 46th edition of UMORISTI A MAROSTICA - Marostica (Italy) organized with the artistic direction of cartoonists Gióx & Maurizio Minoggio.
Best regards
Gruppo Grafico Marosticense
Attached the regulation (pdf format)
For further information, visit our website or email us:
phone/fax: +39-0424-72150
*Timetable 2014
Deadline for application: February, 21 2014
Deadline for reception of the selected works: April, 15 2014
Jury meeting: from March, 3 to March, 16 2014
Opening and prize distribution: May, 10 2014
Exhibition: from May, 10 to June, 22 2014
*Jury 2014
SILVER - cartoonist
ALESSANDRO TICH - journalist 
MARILENA NARDI - cartoonist
MASSOUD SHOJAI TABATABAI - Director of Biennal Tehran (Iran)
Municipality of Marostica
GIÒX & MAURIZIO MINOGGIO - cartoonists, Art Directors of "Umoristi A Marostica"

1. Theme of the competition and participation’s rules 
The contest is open to all cartoonists, illustrators and graphic artists from all over the world. It is possible to participate also out of the competition. This request excludes the author from the award of the prizes. 
The theme of the contest is: RIGHTS, inviolable and universal Authors can participate with a maximum of 3 works (Cartoons or Strips), 
inherent to the theme proposed in relation to man, his existence and the society where he lives, seen in a humorous viewpoint. In order to be understood worldwide and beyond every linguistic barrier, the works must be without dialogue or texts. 
Works must be inedited (that is, neither published before nor used to participate in other competitions). The organization can decide to exclude from the award of the prices those works that are found to have been already edited. 
2. Shipping of the works and deadlines Works can be sent by email to: Otherwise, they can be sent through the following services: WeTransfer ( 
DropBox ( 
Google Drive ( Together with the application form
−containing all author’s data− that can be downloaded from the website 
The works, in black/white or color made with any technique, must be in GIF, JPG, PNG or PDF, 150 dpi resolution, saved in high quality, weight max. 3 MB. Larger files will not 
be accepted. 
The deadline for works reception is February 21, 2014 
The acceptance of the works, the selection, and the assigning of the prizes are completely up to the Jury nominated by the Artistic Direction and "Gruppo Grafico Marosticense". 
The Jury's decisions are unquestionable and unconte stable.
3. The Award of the Prices and the Delivery of the Original Works 
The Jury will award the "International Grand Prix Scacchiera", the Special prize "Sandro Carlesso", the Special prize "Marco Sartore" and 10 Special prizes 
"Umoristi A Marostica". Other special prizes or honorary mentions may be awarded. 
The results of the Jury will be given directly to all participating artists by email and published on the web site 
The authors selected by the jury must send the original works for the exhibition. 
If the work is realized exclusively with a digital technique, the author will have to send a dated, numbered and signed copy of the work. 
Works must be sent (postage paid by the sender and without frames or glass), by April 15, 2014 to the following address: 
4. Opening Ceremony, Awarding and Acceptance of the Regulation 
The opening ceremony and the prize distribution will take place on May, 10, 2014
at Castello Inferiore of Marostica. The exhibition will be open until June 22, 2014. 
All the authors selected will receive a free copy of catalogue. Non-selected participants will have the possibility to demand the catalogue compiling the form on the site 
The works selected for the exhibition and for the catalogue will not be returned and will be included in the collection of "Umoristi A Marostica Museum". Non- selected paper works for the exhibition and the cat alogue will be given back on 
request before and not after June 22, 2014. Shipping cost is debited to the author. 
The "Gruppo Grafico Marosticense" reserves the right to authorize the reproduction of the works and the diffusion of them through various communication means citing the author with the words "
Taken from Umoristi A Marostica
", without any payment. The "Gruppo Grafico Marosticense" is not responsible for transport damages. 
The participation in the contest implies the complete acceptance of all the conditions and rules from the author. 
Timetable of Umoristi A Marostica 2014 
*heme: RIGHTS |
Participation deadline: February, 21 2014 | 
Deadline for the reception of the selected works: April, 15 2014 | 
Jury: from March, 3 to March, 10 2014 | 
Opening ceremony and awarding: May, 10 2014 | 
Exhibition: May, 10 – June, 22
*Jury of Umoristi A Marostica 2014 
SILVER, cartoonist | 
ALESSANDRO TICH, journalist | 
MARILENA NARDI, cartoonist | 
MASSOUD SHOJAI TABATABAI, Director of Biennial Tehran (Iran) | 
Municipality of Marostica | 
GIÓX & MAURIZIO MINOGGIO, cartoonists, Art Directors of "Umoristi A Marostica" |
Gruppo Grafico Marosticense

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