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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

 6th Edition of the International Humor and Satire on Manners Prize Novello / Italia 26 March 2012

The Codogno Municipality and Lodi District are pleased to announce a call for submissions for the 6th Edition of the International Humor and Satire on Manners Prize Novello: un signore di buona famiglia (Novello: A Wellborn Gentleman). The competition is organized with the contribution of private and public institutions and is addressed to graphic artists (both professional and non-professional), who may submit their unpublished drawings and fill in the following application form. These drawings should not have been published on any book 
or magazine or website, nor exhibited. 
Theme: Population census: How Society is Changing
Participation: Terms and Procedures 
Each artist may submit max three entries linked to the topic “Il censimento: come cambia la società / Population census: How Society Is Changing", in A4 paper format (overleaf: author’s name and surname and work title). 
Deadline: 26 March 2012
The participants should submit their works (with the application form and a copy of author’s valid identity papers) no later than March 26, 2012 to the following address: Segreteria della 6a Edizione del “Premio Novello" presso l'Ufficio Cultura del Comune di Codogno - Via Vittorio Emanuele 4 - 26845 CODOGNO (Lodi) - Italia. For works sent by mail the posting date will be considered. Alternatively, entry materials may also be submitted electronically to the following e-mail address: Files must be in .JPG format, at least 300 dpi – high resolution – maximum size 5Mbyte, and must be named with the author’s surname and work title (for example: Surname_Title.jpg). Even for electronic 
submissions authors should enclose the application form and a copy of valid identity papers (jpg or PDF format). No other submission procedure will be accepted. 
Late and/or incomplete application form will render the applicant ineligible. 
The purpose of the Prize is humor and satire on manners. Drawings with a political satire aim or contrasting with common decency will not be accepted . 
All entries should be: 
a) unpublished (see Introduction above), without any framework; 
b) A4 format (21 x 29,7cm); 
c) in black and white or in colour, with or without written text Prize-giving 
All entries submitted will be evaluated by a Jury composed by designers, cartoonist, journalists, artists. Best works will be exhibited in May 2012. The exhibition will take place in an historical building called “Vecchio Ospedale Soave” (“Soave Ancient Hospital”, in Codogno, Viale Gandolfi 6). 
Winners will be awarded with the following prizes::
1) First prize: Euro 1.500,00 
2) Second prize: Euro 1.000,00 
3) Third prize: Euro 500,00 
All materials submitted will not be returned, but will be placed in Novello Prize archives. The Jury can use and/or copy them, in whole or in part, to magazines, Italian and European newspapers, websites, press releases concerning the event and the official catalogue. The participants must accept that all their materials (text and images) can be freely adapted 
according to the communication needs of any medium. Materials will not be used for profit. 

Application Form Katılım Formu 

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