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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

 The International competition of caricatures "Perm + Culture = Europe"  Rusia 28 June 2012

Regulations of the Competition

Perm is a city and the administrative center of Perm Krai, located on the banks of the Kama River, in the European part of Russia near the Ural Mountains. This region has a long rich historical and cultural background, and now Perm tries to follow its own way to the status of the “Cultural Capital”.
The competition for the title "European Capital of Culture” is held by the European Union. Project in the Perm region that is called “Perm – Cultural capital of Europe” was initiated by The Perm territory Ministry of culture, youth policy and mass communication Alexander Protasiewicz. 
Perm is taking an active part in discussions about possible changes in the conditions of participation in the competition “European Capital of Culture” for cities of countries that are not EU members (such as Russia). Perm is a kind of “locomotive” for those countries who are not part of the EU. Therefore this project brings not only a cultural but also political significance. More than forty cities from Stockholm to Genoa, including Athens, Glasgow, Krakow and Porto, have already received the title of “European Capital of Culture". This status is assigned to the city not only for its cultural heritage, but also for what activities are planned over a year, how the infrastructure, urban environment, citizens' initiatives and the creative community are developed. Perm can be one of such cities in the future. 
The International competition of visual humor “Perm + Culture = Europe” is announced within the limits of the project “Perm – Cultural capital of Europe” appears.
The competition is carried out with a view of development and support of caricature, humor and satire in a genre of small drawing, strengthening of creative and professional international contacts and popularization of Perm and Perm Krai. In addition one of the tasks of the competition is to find and support young caricaturists.
The subject of the competition: “Perm – Cultural capital of Europe”.
On the expiration of the competition its winners will be made known. As the project has the international character so the names of authors of the best works will sound in the European media space. Also the exhibition of works will be organized within the actions of “Perm - Cultural capital of Europe” where the general public will get an opportunity to see the works of the winners.
The main prize is a three-day tour to Perm with the cultural program.
In addition a special prize of the Minister of culture, youth policy and mass communications Alexander Protasiewicz will be set.
Conduct periods:
Acceptance of works: from June, 7th till June, 28th, 2012,
Jury works: from June, 29th till July, 3rd, 2012
The organizers and jury of the competition reserve a right to choose the prize-winning works relying on the competition regulations.
A solemn announcement of the results will take place on July, 6th.
Conditions and participation order
1. Competition is opened and both professional artists and amateurs can take part in it.
2. Only author's original works are accepted to take part in the competition.
3. The products sent by e-mail (.jpg, 300dpi) are considered.
4. Techniques of execution are not specified.
5. Quantity of works is not limited. A minimum is 2 works.
6. The works sent to take part in the competition remain in a collection of the organizing committee of the competition.
7. A questionnaire of a participant should be filled by hand-printed letters in Russian or English language (the questionnaire form is applied).
8. The works sent to take part in the competition can be exhibited on exhibition platforms, at museums, galleries of Perm Krai at the discretion of the organizers, and also can be placed on official accounts of the project “Perm - Cultural capital of Europe” in social networks:,,,
9. Organizers undertake to state a name, a surname of the author, a country in all publications.
10. Copyright on an image, a name and texts of the works belongs to the author, it is inalienable. The author is responsible for his works according to the current legislation of Russia.
11. The fact of participation in the competition means that the participants accept all the Conditions of the competition.
Special conditions
1. All interested persons have an opportunity to visit an opening of an exhibition and ceremony of rewarding of winners, preliminarily inform the organizers of the competition of their visit. They pay for journey and residing by themselves.
2. The organizers and sponsors of the competition can set some special prizes after accepting all the competition works.
We will wait for your applications for competition and your works on e-mail of the International competition of caricature “Perm + Culture = Europe”
The form of an application form for participation in the Competition
Surname, Name, Patronymic 
Some information about yourself 
Your experience in sphere of caricature (participation in competitions, exhibitions) 
Your age 

*Your comments and wishes.
Turn to a press-service of a bureau of the project “Perm - Cultural Capital of Europe” for comments:
Valentina Balakhnina, tel. 8-902-63-44-220,
Anastasia Kayatchova, tel. 8-919-499-73-91.
* * *
Yours faithfully,
The organizer of the International competition of caricature,
The Perm Bureau of the project “Perm - Cultural capital of Europe”,

Office 307, 3/7, Revolutsii St.
Perm, Russia, 614007
Tel. /fax: +7 (342) 216 83 66

12 June 2012 19:00 / Алексей Кивокурцев-Alex Kivokurtsev

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