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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

Call for EXHIBITION OF WINTHER'S HOLIDAYS "Christmas & Co." / Romania 20 December 2013

SALT & PEPPER MAGAZINE Invite visual artists & cartoonists over 18 years old, regardless of their gender, nationality or country of residence, to participate as individuals in the online EXHIBITION OF WINTHER'S HOLIDAYS "Christmas & Co."
1. Theme: Christmas & New Year Holidays
2. Art Works: illustrations & cartoons
number of works: max. 2 (two)
format: jpeg, jpg
good quality images of signed works
max. 300 kb/work, no more 300dpi resolution but suitable for online presentation
only works without text are accepted (text means one or more letters / digits / special characters)
no works with "adult content" will be accepted, regardless of their artistic quality
organizers own the right do not admit works that may attempt against individual and/or collective rights
3. Technique:is free of choice of the artist but no photographic or 3D art
4. Addressesend by e-mail, only: are accepted only works send by the author himself
5. Deadline: December 20th, 2013
6. Other specifications: The works will be exhibited on Salt & Pepper Magazine's website by December 2013
Mrs. Irina IOSIP - visual artist
Founder & Editor of:Salt & Pepper Magazine

28 Kasım 2013 11:42 7 irinaiosip

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