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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

26th International Biennial of Art Humour / Italy 31 May 2011

26. Uluslararası Mizah Sanatı Bienali / İtalya 31 Mayıs 2011 

The town council of Tolentino is proposing and organising the 26th International Biennial of Art Humour, which this year will take place between 21 July and 2 October 2011.
1. The Biennial is open to artists from all over the world, each of which can participate in the “City of Tolentino International Prize” dedicated to satire art. Each entry consists of a maximum of 3 unpublished and original works, of any size, technique and form of visual art.
The theme for the 2011 Biennial is: “Twentieth century Art”. Bu yılın konusu :Yirminci yüzyıl sanatı
2. The last entry date for the competition is 31 May 2011, by which date the works of art must be registered with:
the Secretary for the 26th International Biennial of Art Humour Piazza della Libertà, 3 – 62029 TOLENTINO (Italy) 
Each work of art must have a signed entry form in which the following information is provided: the artist’s name, surname, address, title of the pieces entered (max 3), short biography. Authors must fill in the 
coupon detalling the artist’s name, surname, title of the work, technique, availability for donation, availability for sale and price then glue it behind each of their works of art.
3. 20% of the earnings from the works available for sale will go to the organizer, in line with art. 2. The works of art that have been awarded prize money are excluded from sale and will become the property of the 
International Museum for Art and Humour in Tolentino.
4. The pieces must be sent carriage free. They will only be accepted if no tax, customs fees or any other fees are incurred by the organizer.
5. The town council of Tolentino, as organizer of the event, assures the maximum care, guardianship and supervision of all pieces, declining all responsibility of possible damage, theft, fire or ungovernable 
events while in the care of those involved in the event or during transportation of the works of art.
6. The acceptance of each piece, their selection for exhibition and the awarding of prizes is carried out by a jury nominated by the city administrators in agreement with the Artistic Director. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be questioned or appealed.
7. The jury will give out the following prizes:
– International Prize “City of Tolentino” - Biennial winner € 5.000.
The Biennial winner will be the guest for the following Biennial (2013) and will have his own exhibition (max. 30 works of art);
– 2° Prize of Euro 3.000;
– 3° Prize of Euro 1.500;
The jury also awards:
– The “Cesare Marcorelli” Career Prize;
– “Luigi Mari” Academy of Humour Prize;
– Other special Prizes and commendations.
Should there be a tie for the first place, the prize money will be shared by the two artists.
8. The works will be returned, at the cost of the Organiser, not before the 30th day after the scheduled closing date, apart from the possible postponement of the closing date. Exception goes to those works of art used in the exhibition and expressly donated to the Museum of Art in Humour in Tolentino by the artist.
9. The International Biennial of Art Humour organisers are authorised to use and copy the selected works to be inserted in their official exhibition catalogue, with as many copies they deem necessary. The organisers are allowed to also publish the same works, even through reproduction, in a wide distribution also in the internet. They are also entitled to publish the works on any resource and even for commercial purposes. The artist will be mentioned, in reproductions of their works, in familiar ways. The artist will automatically consent to the free utilisation of their works be it imaginatively, educationally, creatively 
or for public enjoyment, without any compensation. The artist must renounce all rights to any type of compensation.
10. Participation in the 26th International Biennial of Art Humour competition requires full and complete acceptance of the regulations stated.
11. The regulations are published in Italian, French, English, German and Spanish. In case of doubt, please refer to the Italian text.
tel +39 733.901365 , +39 733.901326, +39 733.969797, +39 348.0883989, fax +39 733.966535 
e. mail: 

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