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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

 WORLD PEACE "Afdesta" International-Online Cartoon Festival 17 October-10 December 2012

To achieve peace, health and better life is man's greatest challenge. Peace as the highest sense is a motivation, and pleasure that human must make effort to achieve.
The Afdesta Online Festival secretariat is pleased to present "The First Juried Cartoon" festival featuring some of the most leading international juries under the title: "peace". There will be a large selection and a variety of art to select from during this festival. Demonstrations by many of the winner artists will take place during permanent and online show. Competitors must illustrate "world peace". Questions are encouraged and welcomed.
-1. - Competition terms:
A. Up to 5 artworks are accepted from each participant
B. Artworks must be in A4 size and with 300 DPI qualities (format RGB-JPG)
C. There is no limit for using design techniques
D. Registering in festival's website and accepting the rules are required to submit artworks.
E. All artworks must be submitted in  
F. Afdesta secretariat is excused for rejecting artworks containing insult to a nation or culture.
-2. - Festival's Schedule:
A. Submitting artworks starts from October 17th (7GMT) to December 10th (12 GMT).
B. Selecting Artworks is on December 12th.
C. Announcement of the winners and demonstrating their artworks on festivals website starts from December 19th 2012(7GMT).
-3. - Prizes:
A. Three nights residence in Kish Island for top 3 winners.
B. All participants will be rewarded Festival attendance certificate.
-4. - Juries (alphabetic order):
Majid Amini (Iran)
Farhad Bahrami Reykani (Iran)
Marcin Bondarowicz (Poland)
Jitet Koestana (Indonesia)
Dalcio Machado (Brazil)
Julian Pena-pai (Romania)
Agim Sulaj (Italy)
-5. - Executive Board:
*Festival Secretary: Javad Takjoo
*Board member :reyhaneMashhadiKhan,MelissaFerrazManfrinato
*Sponsors: Amir-Kish real estate, Afdesta Corporation, Kassit Corporation
*Organizer: Afdesta Art Group
*Ali Delzendehrooy: founder and director of Afdesta Art Group & Festival
*OmidAmraei : Technical Manager
*BaharBadihi : Executive Team Member
*SarvenazSohrabi : Secretary of Information
EilyaTahamtani&FarshidLarimiani: Information Team
Ali Attaran : Public Affairs
*Festival Poster Designer: Ali Delzendehrooy
SMS your name to 3000771221 in order to receive Afdesta news.
Festival Website: 
*Advertising in Festival: 
*Cartoon Festival Secretariats E-Mail: 
*Festival Secretariat E-Mail: 
*Festivals SMS System: 3000771221


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