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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

Fundacion General de la Universidad de Alcala /Spain-31 August 2008

Fundacion General de la Universidad de Alcala 2008
Theme: Garbage: The value of what you throw away.
1 - The participation is open to all professionals of Graphical Humor and the Cartoon that they publish or they have published in means of national or international diffusion.
2 - To participate in Muestra a work will be due to send on the Garbage: The value of what you throw away. It could be an logo, a strip or a cartoon. Along with the work, entry form should be sent.
3 - The works, that they must be original, will have to go signed and dated, they could be drawn in any technique or has supported. In the carried out ones with computer, it will have to demonstrate that it is the unique technique that uses habitually, having to sign the work and to indicate the number of copy and the realized total of [for example: 2/4, if] is copy 2 of a total of 4. The maximum format will be of 297 xs 420 mm (A3).
4 - The works will have to be sent, properly sprinted (it is recommended to protect them with two flat cardboards), not becoming the organization for the possible flaws caused in the transport responsible. The expenses of shipment will be the responsibility of the people who participate in this call.
5 - The works will have to be sent before the 31 of August of the 2008 to the following direction:
Fundacion General de la Universidad de Alcala
XV Muestra Internacional de Humor Grafico.
C/ Imagen, 1-3. 28801 Alcala de Henares. Madrid. Spain.
He is indispensable to rely on the indicated dates for the suitable planning of the catalogue and the design of the exhibition.
6 - A selection of the presented/displayed work (that will carry out the Commission of Selection) will set out in XV Muestra the International of Graphical Humor University of Alcala and in the other exhibitions that are carried out.
7 - The presented/displayed works will happen to comprise of the bottoms of Graphical Humor of the General Foundation of the University of Alcala (except for express indication in opposite sense, so will be to write in reverse of the work the word "Return"), and could be used in their spaces, traveling samples and publications.
8 - The shipment of the work implies that the author authorizes the General Foundation of the University of Alcala to reproduce his/her work, whenever appears its name and the objective is the diffusion of Muestra and the rest of activities of the Foundation in the field of Graphical Humor and/or the call (edition of catalogues, posters, triptyches, diffusion in press, page Web, etc.), without obligation of no type is generated for that reason before the author or the author.
9 - The organization will communicate, through the page Web of Muestra or by means of letter, the relation of participants with received work and the list of the selected ones. The people with selected work will be able to attend the inauguration or anyone of the parallel activities and for which she will inquire into the conditions of lodging and maintenance to them.
10 - When finalizing the exhibition in Alcala, the people, with selected work, will receive a unit of the publication, that will be published on the occasion of the celebration of Muestra.
11 - The organization reserves the right of not exhibiting those works that consider that they attempt against individual or collective rights.
12 - The participation in Muestra supposes the acceptance of these bases.
Fundacion General de la Universidad de Alcala
XV Muestra Internacional de Humor Grafico.
C/ Imagen, 1-3. 28801 Alcala de Henares. Madrid. Espana.
Tel.: +34 91 879 74 40/41
Fax: +34 91 879 74 55
E-mail: cultura@fgua.es humor.muestra@uah.es www.humor.fgua.es/XVmuestra

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