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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

2th International BH HUMOR 10 November 2010
konusu: Ulaşım ve Transit 
Bölümler: Karikatür ve portre karikatür
En son katılım tarihi:10 kasım 2010
Gönderim şekli: Elektronik posta ile A3 formatında ( 297mmx420mm ), RGB, JPG, 300 dpi ve Maksimum boyutu 1.5 Mb 

Theme : Transport and Transit
It Is Believed That Appeared the wheel is over 6.000 years ago, Originating from a stone or a tree trunk , no one knows for sure. The Consequences of this discovery we all know . , faster or slow, millions of wheels , large or small , operate in the world without stopping, turning life into motion . 
It is true That in the middle of this path, the domestication of animals was used by the clever way for Our ancestors Their locomotion. elephants and camels are examples of animals That Are still used the means of transport. But the need to shift more Quickly and Efficiently was the greatest engine to drive mankind to create wonderful ITS machines to Overcome Obstacles and distances. It was like that with the big ships from the past , the steam trains of the 19th century , the invention of the airplane in the early 20th century and the conquest of space with unimaginable spacecrafts. Whether by land , by water , air , mankind stepped Far Beyond Its Own legs, in the best meaning of this expression. 
It Is Not Possible to think of the evolution of human society without ITS Various means of transport, from a simple bike to the ingenuity of an helicopter , through the convenience of the elevator , the mysteries of the submarine , the Risks of a motorcycle up to the seductive power of the car, this last one confused in many Situations to an extension of the own body . But what is the solution most Often Is Also a problem . Every country in the world and Its large, medium and small cities face the challenges of urban mobility . Transit is a reflection of the crisis of values Which we face. Our streets Have Become the scene of battles Between machines and people with severe Consequences for the human being and the environment. Men / Women of Their values the power car and Their driving skills. Traffic jams in major cities That Have Become an absurd defy logic. Is the line the shortest distance Between Two points? 
Efficient public transport policies are made to solve this Increasingly Necessary conflict. But not only governance must Have roles to play . The industry , the media and society need to review concepts. The quality of transit depends on the relationship Therefore people and not only Between Mechanisms of control and surveillance Legislation. 
It is for this reason That BH Humor launches " Transport and Transit " the theme for the second edition STI . Calling all cartoonists , professionals and amateurs , is a humorous and critical reflection about it ! 
The Municipal Culture Foundation in partnership with Cartuminas - Miners Associated Cartoonists , through the House of Dance Cultural Space , makes public for information of interested, That now open the registration for the 2nd Humor BH - Belo Horizonte International Graphic Humor Contest, the conditions established in this Notice: 
1.1 The object of this announcement is the selection of works of graphic humor in order to Participate in the 2nd Humor BH - Belo Horizonte International Graphic Humor Contest , Whose purpose is to spread and promote: the art of graphic humor, to value the graphic language humor social and cultural and Its functions, translated into the theme: "Transit and Transport , "by performing the show and awarding the best works, Contributing to the reflection on the Experiences in urban space in the city. The 2nd BH Humor Will Be held on Cultural House of the Dance Space, located at 751 Avenue Otacílio Negrão de Lima - Sao Luis district - ZIP Code 31365-450 - Belo Horizonte / MG, in the period from September 14 to November 10, 2010 . 
Those Enrolled Will compete for three categories : 
Cartoon theme: " Transport and Transit Will Be accepted by the organizing committee only deal with the cartoons That theme indicated. 
Caricature : Free 
School Award: " Transport and Transit Will Be accepted by the organizing committee only deal with the cartoons That theme indicated. 
1.3 Registrations are free and are open in the period from September 14 to November 10, 2010. 
3.2 Registrations Can Be Made on a form available at the site of BH Humor ( www.bhhumor.com ) or sent by mail or express delivery services, those detailed in Section V. 
3.3 Registrations submitted by mail or express delivery services Will Be Considered only valid and accepted if postmarked by the deadline specified in subsection 3.1 According To Criteria established in this notice . 
Works sent by fax 3.4 Will Not Be accepted, there Will Be in the collection of entries in agencies courier or post office. 
3.5 The approval " of the Registrations Will be announced by email. 
3.6 The acceptance of registration Imply Will this regulation , in all ITS terms , and in compliance of the final result of the contest and about the allocation and use of the drawings. 
IV - Candidates 
4.1 The Registrations are restricted to Individuals, without age limit, and open to graphic artists in general, amateur or professional, Foreigners or Brazilians . 
2.4 Each contestant May submit a total of two ( 02) unpublished work by category . 
4.3 In School Will Award category competes only elementary school students Enrolled in schools located in the state of Minas Gerais. 
4.4 The candidate , When subscribe, Must Fill Out Completely the registration form with his / her information and , Where Appropriate , of his school . 
4.5 It is forbidden the participation of members of the Selection Committee and Those persons directly connected with the organization of the event , Their spouses , companions , relatives straight, collaterally or by affinity up to the 3rd degree, agents and servants bound by the Municipal Foundation of Culture ( MCF). 
4.6 It is the sole candidate the Responsibility of the correction of any matter Relating to copyrights, as well as compliance with the PROVISIONS of this announcement . 
4.7 The candidate to enroll in this contest, acknowledge that is solely Responsible for the accuracy of date and authorship of the Papers presented , civilly and criminally Responding if proven , During or after the contest , the falsity of the date or authorship of work sent . 
a) The works must b sent in A3 format (297 mm x 420 mm ) landscape or portrait, in JPEG format, with 300 DPI resolution, with the maximum size of 1.5 Mb each. 
b ) Candidates who are registered to Participate with 02 ( two) works Them Should send attached at one time in each category through the registration Applied form available on the website ( www.bhhumor.com ) or Annex I. 
c ) The organization is Not Responsible for registration not received due to technical computer problems , congestion, failures of communication lines, as well as any other factor That would prohibit the successful transmission via the event website. 
For purposes of registration , interested parties must forward the documentation and the Proposal for submission in sealed envelopes, containing on the outside front and read: 
FOUNDATION HALL OF CULTURE - FMC SELECT COMMITTEE ON THE 2ND HUMOR BH ANNOUNCEMENT OF SELECTION - COMPETITION 0003/2010 Sapucaí Street , 571 - 4th Floor - Floresta - Belo Horizonte - MG - Brazil CEP: 30150-050 
5.3 The candidates must submit for registration the documents listed below , in one way : 
a) registration form ( template - Appendix I) , original or photocopied , Which Must Be Duly completed and signed, When Appropriate , Presented in a single direction ; 
b ) The work on A3 (29.7 cm x 42.0 cm) , landscape or portrait. 
c ) The works must b sent without any kind of frame, in suitable packaging, so the not to damage the work itself. The organization is Not Responsible for Damage Caused in the transport of works . 
5.4 The organization is Not Responsible for registration not received due to lost mail, Postal strike and any other factor the success of That preclude sending the mail. 
6.1 The selection Will Be Performed in one step , and Will Consist Of The selection of works to Participate in the 2nd BH Humor , According to item VIII - Of the Selection Criteria. 
7.1 For the selection of Applicants Will Be appointed a Selection Committee composed of five (05) members. 
7.2 The Indication of the members of the Selection Committee to build on the knowledge and Remarkable recognition in the area. 
7.3 The members of the Selection Committee May Be Replaced at any time , in case of impossibility of performance. 
8.1 The Selection Committee Will analyze works sent in Accordance Following Criteria: 
a) creativity ; 
b ) originality; 
c ) relevance to the theme Proposed by the 2nd BH Humor. 
8.2 The Commission Will select Among papers received at least one hundred (100) works for the exhibition to Be held at Casa do Baile Cultural Space. 
8.3 Among Those selected , 09 ( nine ) Will Be Awarded work , Being 03 ( three) in each category . 
9.1 The final result of the selection Will Be published in the Official Gazette of the Municipality (DOM) , posted at the Cultural House of the Dance Space and made available on the website of BH Humor (
www.bhhumor.com  ), and FMC (WWW . pbh.gov.br / culture ) be appealed Within 05 ( five ) working days after publication in the DOM. 
10.1 The selected candidates Will Be Notified by registered letter mail , email or telephone and Will Have a period of 02 ( two) working days from receipt to confirm Their participation at the 2nd BH Humor. 
The acquisitive prize Will Be Awarded as described below : 
11.1 Cartoon Category 
1st place cartoon ............................ U.S. $ 10,000.00 ( U.S. $ 5.714 approx.) 
2nd place cartoon ............................ U.S. $ 3,000.00 ( U.S. $ 1.714 approx.) 
3rd place cartoon ............................ $ 1,000.00 (U.S. $ 571aprox.0 
2:11 Caricature Category 
1st place caricature ......................... U.S. $ 10,000.00 ( U.S. $ 5.714 approx.) 
2nd place caricature ......................... U.S. $ 3,000.00 ( U.S. $ 1.714 approx.) 
3rd place caricature ......................... $ 1,000.00 (U.S. $ 571aprox .) 
11.3 School Award Category 
1st place School Award ......................... 2001 computer for the winner and 01 student computer to the school WHERE he / she studies. 
2nd place School Award ......................... 01 camera for the student winner . 
3rd place School Award ......................... 01 Music Player for the student winner . 
11.4 The announcement of the winners Will Be held on the opening day of the exhibition. 
11.5 The Prize Will Be Delivered Within 90 days after publication of the results . 
6.11 On the values of the awards cover all taxes in effect Until the date of payment . 
11.7 to receive the awards each winner must present the documentation listed below Within 20 days after publication of the result: 
a) Copy of ID Card and CPF for Brazilians ;
b ) Copy of Passport for Foreigners . 
11.8 The winners Will sign with the FMC contract for the transfer of copyrighted property by Authorizing the use of images , sounds and texts produced, Collected and Presented throughout the development of the event , on an irrevocable , in any National Territory and abroad . 
12.1 The winning works Will belong to the Municipal Foundation of Culture , Which Will exercise the right to use the property for full or partial interest in the context of BH Humor That Will not result in any Circumstance compensation of any kind to the authors. 
12.2 The works Mentioned in item 8.2 Will Be exhibited at the Cultural Space of the House and Dance at the Discretion of, Reported online www.bhhumor.com and the site of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte, as well as in magazines, newspapers , brochures and any printed or electronic publication that is needed, under the BH Humor. 
3.12 There Shall Be The Responsibility of organizing the damage That May Be Caused by others , When exposed to the public or damage Caused by handling of the work During the event. 
12.4 The costs of this Notice Will Be Charged to Appropriation budget The Following Program: 0207.002.13.392.154.2.371 , Object of Expense : , Item : 01 Application / Source: 3:00. 
15.1 Any other information and technical guidance to candidates for Completing the Registration Form Will Be Provided By Cartuminas - Miners Associated Cartoonists from Tuesday to Friday , from 08 am to 5 pm hours , by phone 55 31 3222-0113 or by email contact @ the bhhumor . com.br ( Cartuminas ). 
15.2 The allocation of work and materials included in BH Humor is defined by FMC and Catuminas . 
15.3 Omissions Relating to this Notice Will Be solved by the Selection Committee along with the FMC and Cartuminas . 
15.6 The constitutive act of registration acceptance of all conditions in this Notice forth in September . 

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