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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

Sevgili Dostlar;Yurt içinden ve yurt dışından bize ulaşan KARİKATÜR YARIŞMALARI' nı biraz gecikmeler de olsa sizlere ulaştırmaya çalışıyoruz.Bu sayfada duyurmamizi istediğiniz karikatür yarışma ve haberlerini e-mail adresimize yada bir şekilde adresize gönderirseniz bu haberleri de diğer karikatüristlere duyurabiliriz.Başarılar,,, Karcomics Dergisi

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Humor Contest about Tragedy in China/CHINA-15 June 2008 

Pray for the victims of the earthquake-stricken area. 
....Please stretch your kindly hands, help the lives threatened by the big earthquake.
According to the report of the China National Monitoring Network, an earthquake of 7.8 scales attacked Wenchuan Town in Sichuan Province in China. The whole society are paying great effort to resist earthquake and provide disaster relief to the disaster area. 
The confirmed national death toll reached 19,509 by 2 pm May 15, nearly all of them in Sichuan, according to the temporary disaster relief headquarters. Another 9,404 were buried in debris, 7,841 were missing and 26,206 people were injured. The rising death toll affects everyone’s heart. The tunnels and bridges are totally destroyed in Wenchuan. Another town called Beichuan is completely in ruins. This natural disaster brings great sadness and pain to people in Wenchuan. When the mankind suffering disaster, the lives being threatened by the earthquake, please stretch you kindly hands, bridge the difficulties together with the fellowmen in the disaster area.
We propose that cartoonists all over the world to show your love, pray for the lives in the disaster area with your works, wish them peace and safe.
1.You can choose from the following subjects: Pray, Love, Endow, Earthquake, Defending nature disaster. Your can also select your own subject.
2.Deadline: June 15, 2008.
3.10 works will be selected and awarded by Chinese souvenirs.
4.Technique of works is unlimited. Black and white or color works are acceptable. The size of works should exceed A4 (including). The works should be in RGB, JPG, or TIF. Please send the electronic works to the following email address: redmanart@126.com ; or: redmancartoon@163.com .
5.Mailing address:
Zhu Cheng 
Room 2510, FLT & Research Press Building (5thFloor ), 
No.19 Xi San Huan Bei Road ,Hai Dian District 
Beijing 100089, China


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