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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

7th annual open competition of graphic humour/CZECH REPUBLIC- 14 June 2008

Rules for competitors:
1) Participation conditions
The organizers will announce the competition by publishing the conditions for participation in periodicals and distributing them to selected artists in the Czech Republic and abroad. The competition is open to all who realize the following conditions. By sending in their pictures, each competitor accepts the rules of competition.
2) Content and technical conditions
Theme: The Window ? the Eye of Building
(the competition is part of the 19th International Building Trade Fair For Arch 2008) 
Number of pictures: maximum of 3 
Format: minimum A4 - maximum A3 
Signatures: All pictures must be signed by the author on the front side and the author's name, address and e-mail address must be written on the back side. 
Notice: a) the original piece only
b) the graphical techniques must be signed by an author on the front page and marked by the specification of number of prints and the serial number of an entered exemplar
c) the competition works can not be awarded on the other international competition in the past 

3) Valid regulation

- 40 pictures will be chosen for the competition and exhibition; an international jury will select the prize-winning entries. 
- Each of the authors of the pictures selected for inclusion in this year's collection to be displayed at a biennial exhibition will obtain a catalogue. 
- The competitors agree that their work could be used for publicity and promotion in materials promoting the competition, or could appear in the media for the purpose of promoting the event or presenting the results and the authors. 
- The competitors agree that the sponsors and advertisers of the competition have privilege options to use works selected by them for their own presentations or promotions at the author's regular fee, and the right to contact selected authors for further co-operation. 
- The prize-winning works and the final collection of a maximum of 40 works will become the property of the organisers. Unselected work will be returned to the authors if the envelope with address and stamp is enclosed. 

4) Prizes and awards
1st place: FOR-pencil - Gold + Diploma + CZK 10000 (EUR 400) 
2nd place: FOR-pencil - Silver + Diploma + CZK 7000 (EUR 280) 
3rd place: FOR-pencil - Bronze + Diploma + CZK 5000 (EUR 200) 
4th place: Honourable FOR-pencil + Diploma + CZK 3000 (EUR 120) 
5th place: Special FOR-pencil + Diploma + CZK 1000 (EUR 40) 
The Svatopluk Pitra Prize devoted by Irena Pitrova (for Czech authors only) 
Honourable mention of GAG editor + CZK 500 (for Czech authors only) 
The author of 1st prize-winning work will be invited to attend the awards ceremony and his expenses for the travel and one night in hotel in Prague will be covered (foreign author - from the borders of Czech Republic to Prague and back).
The glass trophy for the winners will be given to the author only, who attends the ceremony on September 16th, 2008 in Prague, or the persons entrusted by the author.
For the excused authors, there will be delivered diplomas and money by the post.
5) Important dates
Date of announcement: April 25th, 2008 
Deadline for competition: June 14th, 2008 
Jury Session: June 17th, 2008 
Exhibition in centre of Prague: September 16th-30th, 2008 
Winning ceremony and the price giving: September 16th, 2008 
6) Jury
Both, organisers and sponsors, will have their own members in jury. The organiser reserves the right to name the jury and its chairman and secretary. The jury will receive remuneration for serving on the jury. The organiser reserves the right to set the criteria for judging the competing works after consultation with the chairman of the jury. The jury will select the best works for the final competition and will select the prize-winning works according Point 4 of this statute.

Pictures should be sent to this address: ABF a.s., (Ales Vyjidak)
Vaclavske namesti 29
111 21 Praha 1
Czech Republic 

ivan.hanousek@dreamworx.cz vyjidak@abf.cz +420 222 891115 http://cuk.dreamworx.cz 

ismailkar e-mail

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