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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

Studio Creativity Illustration Contest/ITALY 31 October 2008 

"Create your Christmas"
Illustration Contest with the aim of realising a new line of greeting cards on the Christmas theme. 
Who we are:
An internationally recognised graphic studio. We have been specialized in the creation of design for paper technological products. We collaborate with free-lance designers coming from all over the world to whom we commission the creation of images for scholastic use, Christmas cards, calendars, puzzles, paper napkins and an array of other products as well.
Contest Advertisement
The creative service platform, StudioCreativity in collaboration with the Graphic and Image Design Studio, Studio Design Bank, announce for 2008 an international contest, aimed at those categories, including, Illustrators, Comic Designers, Graphic Designers, Artists who intend to get closer to the publishing world of greeting cards and want to procure new professional opportunities. The main aim of the conest is the realization of a new line of greetings cards, united by the theme of Christmas in all its manifestations.
The title of the contest is: "Create your Christmas" that requires a development of the Christmas theme in all of its manifestations, (Father Christmas in traditional style, funny, styalized, typical decorative elements, Christmas landscapes, traditional and modern, etc, etc). The collaborators can realize their artworks by any media/technique, traditional or digital and they can all insert a text, referring to Christmas or greetings, that will be created by the author of the entire card including the graphics and writing.
Participation to the contest is free and open to all members or non members of the platform StudioCreativity, requiring no Subscription Fee. One can present a minimum of one to a maximum of ten elaborated works. 
Studio design Bank will be committed to the selling of all the elaborated graphics that are considered worthy of selling in the international greeting card market, upon the judging panel's selection whose decision making process will be their responsibility and the final decision unchallengeable. 
The selling of the works that the judging panel consider worthy will be governed by a contract in collaboration with DesignBank who will be committed to paying the participant an initial forfeit equal to E150,00 for each illustration presented which will then be deducted from the royalties that will be received by further sales deriving from international coeditions.
The presentation of the works, in the first phase of the selection, should be effectuated by sending in digital format file, jpeg, pdf o tiff in chromatic method rgb at 100 dpi resolution, through the electronic post at the end of the page.
In the following phases, after communication on behalf of StudioCreativity upon the selection of the works, Design Bank will see to contacting the selected authors proposing to them a collaboration contract upon receiving the works at high resolution.
The authors must supply their works in high resolution in digital format files tiff, chromatic method cmyk at 400 dpi resolution, by CD/DVD and send them to the pertinent technical office : Design Bank Licensing Piazzetta S. Spirito, 5 - 24121 Bergamo - Italy.
The last date in which you can present your works has been fixed within and no later than the day 31 October 2008.
The presented works although free in interpretation of the subject must respect the technical design canons as listed below.
Technical Requisites: For the execution of the Christmas design, you need to follow the following settings. Remember that we are talking about guidelines, and it will be on the onus of each artist the try to stick to them as much as possible without limiting their own creativity.
The following subjects could be produced in a traditional, modern or comic way:
-Father Christmas
-Christmas landscape
-Christmas animals, bears, penguins, reindeers with sleds
-baby animals in Christmas theme
-Christmas symbols, wrapped up presents, garlands, tree decorations, stars
-Christmas Trees
-Religious Christmas symbols, Nativity scenes, comet stars, Wise men
The images must have the following dimensions:
vertical orientation 11,5x17,5cm plus 1cm white border for each side
horizontal orientation 16x11cm plus 1 cm border per side (not used very much)
square format 15x15cm plus 1cm border per side
One can even work on large schemes but the proportions must be as above.
You are advised to conceive of the images in such a way as to create free space where a greeting can be inserted. 
Phone: 0574 442669    Web: www.studiocreativity.com

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