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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

5.Jiaxing Uluslararası Karikatür Sergisi / Çin 31 Ağustos 2010 
The 5th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition / China 31 August 2010
Welcome to China! Welcome to Jiaxing! Cartoon bring great power to world! 
In The 4th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2008, exhibition got successe 
with the great support of international cartoonists, Host Units invited Mr.Vladimir Kazanevsky 
from Ukraine, Mr.Mohammad Ali Khalaji from Iran and Mr.Taeyong Kang from Korea to 
China to attend the award ceremony in Jiaxing city. 
Host Units: Artists's Association of China 
The Municipal Goverment of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province 
Award: The Jury committee will choose 120 works for exhibition, there are 1 work provided 
for The Best Theme Prize of 5000 RMB, 1 work provided for The Best Free choice Prize of 
5000 RMB, 1 work provided for The Best Representation Prize of 5000 RMB, 1 work 
provided for The Best Idea Prizes of 5000 RMB, and 16 works provided for the excellent 
Prizes of each 2000 RMB, the total 20 winning works will be awarded with top grade trophy 
and Prizes. 
Each author whose work selected for exhibition will get one copy of the catalogue of 
exhibition and certificate, and 600 RMB prizes. 
The selected works will be collectted in Puhua gallery, Jiaxing city. 
The works which can not enter the exhibition will be returned to the authors after exhibition. 
Exhibition: The exhibition of The 5th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2010 
will be held in Jiaxing library in October, 2010 in Jiaxing city. 
About rules: 
Exhibition have two sections: A) Theme: Low carbon, Green and Environment; 
B) Free choice. 
Each author may submit no more than 3 works for each section respectively. 
Any technique of works will be acceptted, the size of work should not exceed 420 × 297mm, 
the author's information including author's name, title, address, postcode, email, telephone 
should be written on the back of works. 
The deadline is August, 31, 2010. 
Program: Host Units will invite the winners to attend the award ceremony and the cartoon 
week in October, 2010 in Jiaxing city, Host Units will cover the flight and hotel's charge. 
Also the Host Units will bring the winners to Shanghai to visit World Exposition 2010. 
The Host Units have right to use the selected works for spreading on media. 
Authors who submit works to exhibition means they accept all above rules. 
Address: No.36 Zhonghe Road, Puhua Gallery, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, P.R.China Postcode: 314000 
Telephone: 0086 573 82085748, 0086 573 82071601 Fax: 0086 573 82085748 
Web site:
Contact: Mr.Zhang Juemin, Mr.Ling Dalun, Mr.Ling Jiachun, Mr,Yao Xiaodong 
Committee of The 5th Chinese Jiaxing International Cartoon Exhibition 2010 

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