The Results of Message Cartoon Festa 2009 with theme: Healthy Aging/sağlıklı yaşlanma konulu yarışma sonuçları...

Message Cartoon Festa

[Hida Miyagawa International Manga Festa] has been held once every three years and this is the 6th time. The reason we decided the theme as “Healthy Aging” is that we wish the young generations to have the positive image for the future, since the image for the future is becoming so negative these days.
Simply because we tend to bring the dark image up front rather than the happy ones, the rich experiment and the knowledge of old ages are becoming the very important matters to us.
With the power to blow out the heaviness, we received numerous numbers of energetic and happy works from all over the world.
On August 9th , Sunday, with professor Keiichi Makino, five public participations from Hida-city and eight members from Manga Festival society narrowed down to 198 works as the finalists.
On August 23rd, Sunday, the awarded winners were finalized at Hida Manga Kingdom (Manga Library).All the awarded and the finalists’ works are displayed at 2nd floor of Hida-Manga Kingdom.


The next festival will be held on 2012.
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Announcing the Award Winners!

            Grand Prize:Kazuaki Kato (Japan)                MANGA Kingdom Prize: BERNARD BOUTON (France)

Special Prize:Sumio Nakayama (Japan)
Selected Works:Osamu Murase (Japan), Wataru Nagamine (Japan)
Good Work Prize :Shizuko Nakahara (Japan), Setsuo Usami (Japan), Kunihiko Hasebe (Japan), Waizman Kfir (Israel), Rumen Dragostinov (Bulgaria), Yasuhiko Hachino (Japan), Kisou Fujinami (Japan),Yua Izumi (Japan), Akiyoshi Sugimoto (Japan), Wataru Nagamine (Japan)

Junior Section : Special Prize:Kahoko Nakajin (Japan)
Selected Works:Zhang A He (China), Ami Nagao (Japan)

Total number of participated works:673 (from Japan: 498, International: 175)

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