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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

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11th George Van Raemdonck cartooncontest/BELGIUM-9 August 2008

1. This cartooncontest is open to everybody. The participants are expected to aknowledge the regulations and commmit themselves to accept its conditions and clauses as well as the jury's resolutions.
Actions, persons and events must be depicted in a humorous and artistic way without text or subtitles. There are no restrictions concerning colour or technique.
3. The drawings munst be original and never before have been published or exhibited. There are no restrictions about the number of cartoons.
The drawings must be sent solidly packed, not folded or rolled up, at the expenses of the subscriber, to:
Village Council of Boechout - Culture DPT
Jef Van Hoofplein 20
B-2530 Boechout

august 9, 2008.
5. SIZE:
The size of the drawings must be 21 x 30 cm (A4). Name, chistian name and address must be written on the back of each drawing. Please write ont the package "Sample without Value" to save customs expenses.
1. 1.500 eur: prize George Van Raemdonck, given by the village council of Boechout.
2. 750 eur: prize of the cultural council of Boechout.
3. 500 eur: prize of the city of Lier, city of taste 2008
4. 500 eur: prize Zeppo bvba for the best participant -25 year.
5. 250 eur: prize International Humour in Art vzw.
6. 150 eur: prize Davidsfonds Boechout-Vremde for the best Flemish participant.
7. By taking part, all participants give the organizers the right to publish the cartoons in newspapers or magazines only for the purpose of promoting the contest. The participants give the organizers permission to show the selected works in a travelling exhibition.
8. The prize exhibits will become the property of the organizers. The selected participants will receive a free catalogue. Only o explicit request will remaining works be returned to the owners at the expenses of the organizers, who can not be held responsable for any loss of or damage to returned works. The organisers will transfer works, of which the sending back is not asked, to the European Cartoon Center in Kruishoutem to be part of its permanent collection. 
All works are insured during the period of the exhibition(s). The works are insured for the value mentioned on the form of tender, if no value is mentioned, the works will be insured at the value of 10 (ten) euro. Exhibiting works, if wished by the participants, can be sold to interested parties. The selling price is equal to the stated insurance value, minus 20 % administration costs for the organizers. The pruchased works can only be obtained at the end of the exhibition(s). 
Opening on Friday the 3rd of October 2008 at the community center Boechout Vremde Vooruit, St.-Bavoplein 17, 2530 Boechout, Belgium. The exhibition is open to the public from Saturday October 4 till Sunday November 2, 2008, during the openinghours of the center. 
11. The jury selects the prize-winners and the cartoons for the exhibition.
12. Biographical data, in the possession of the organizers, will be exhibited in the exhibitionhall. Add these data, shown on the form of tender, to you entry.
Click here to download the form of entry

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