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Cartoon Contests-Karikatur Yarismalari- Cartoon competition

International Cartoonfestival Zemst 2008 /BELGIUM 30 March 2009

1. Theme: "EVE and SPORTS"
2. The number of entries is limited until 5.They shall not have been exhibited or published before.
3. The works have to be sent to the following address: 
SPORTIMONIUM, Bloso-domein, for the attention of Kelly Van Laethem,
Trianondreef 19, 1981 Hofstade-Zemst (Belgium)
4. The drawings shall have the following dimensions: 210 x 297 mm. The works shall not be provided by a passe-partout, neither be stuck on larger paper. The drawing must bear, on the reverse, the surname, Christian name and address of the participant. The drawings shall not bear subtitles.
5. By virtue of their participation, the participants authorize the organizers to publish some of their works that they have received.
6. The following prizes are foreseen:600,00 euro + trophy - 400,00 euro + trophy - 250,00 + trophy.
7. Prize of Public: 150,00 euro.
8. By participating the participant lends his works to the organizers for exhibitions. The works received will remain at the disposal of the organizers during one year until august 2011.
9. The entries will only be sent back by the organizers on receiving a written
request. The awarded works will become the property of the organizers.
10. Dealine: 30 March, 2009
11. Exhibition: 3 July – 30 August 2009. Opening Friday 2 July 2009 at 8 pm.

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